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Welcome to Lazarus Sea Sports Centre

Enjoy standup paddleboarding, kayaking and waterbiking surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Southern Islands. Our certified instructors are here to offer guidance and ensure you have a fantastic time on the water. Book your adventure today!

Lazarus Beach

Southern Islands Paddle Trail

$70 (inclusive of 2-way ferry tickets)


The Southern Islands Paddle Trail offers a unique opportunity to explore the coastal beauty and rich marine biodiversity of Singapore. This 3-hour guided walk and kayak adventure takes participants on a journey through St John’s and Lazarus Islands, showcasing the diverse ecosystems and intriguing history of these offshore gems.

Our Services


Stand Up Paddling Introductory Programme

From $40


Discover Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) in our 2-hour Intro Programme. Learn essential techniques, paddle handling, and board control with expert guidance. Leave with newfound confidence, basic SUP know-how, and a sense of accomplishment.


Kayak Introductory Programme

From $40


Join our 2-hour Kayak Introductory Programme, guided by our seasoned instructor. Explore the fundamentals of kayaking and learn about crucial water safety protocols. Tailored for beginners or those eager to improve their skills, this programme provides a comprehensive dive into the essentials of kayaking.


All Access Pass

From $35


Want to try out water sports but unsure which to book? Purchase this all access pass to enjoy all our water crafts within 2 hours!

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